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New Book – The Guardian Series

It’s been a while, and I am closing in on the first book in a new series called The Guardian Series. The first book takes us through Kate Stone’s viewpoint when she finds she is not as human as she thought. She exhibits an animal, almost dog-like, temperament and the abilities that make her almost unkillable. Unfortunately for her, being physically resilient doesn’t pay the rent, or solve her history of monstrous neglect and abuse.

It’s a rough ride through bad choices that forces Kate to grow and learn that violence is not the answer to every problem, and she can use her aggression and supernatural abilities to help others and be a force for good in the world.

Nothing can stop Kate Stone and her love of motorcycles, but she’s has to make a decision on what kind of woman she is going to be.

I have one final pass on edits, and then I will be putting it up on multiple ebook venues. This will be my first publishing endeavor without a publisher, and I have to say I have been enjoying the process. I’ll post when I have more news.


I am a middle aged man. I am an author and a maker.

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